What Is Testosterone

There is a steroid hormone that is called testosterone. Animals and humans have this hormone. The organ that makes this hormone is the testicles. Women also have this hormone. The ovaries in women is the organ that creates this hormone.

Males do have a higher percentage of testosterone than do females. It is about eight times higher. In the process of secretion of testosterone, the testicles are the main organ that the process takes place. Other parts of the body that secrets is the adrenal glands. These gland only secret a very tiny amount. This is also testosterone is also thought of as an anabolic steroid.

The association of sex drive and testosterone is often thought of. The testicles make sperm and testosterone is associated with that process. There are different levels that the human body goes through. As men and women age, the level of testosterone level can decrease over time. This can cause weight gain and mood swings. The amount of muscle can be affected when the level is low. Testosterone helps in getting an erection. When it is low, it is harder to get that erection. When you have the right amount, the amount of muscle can be increased. The hair on the body can increase also. Some unnatural causes of low testosterone is damage to the testicles.

People who have went through chemo for cancer can have problems with this. There is one good benefit when it comes to a normal level or slightly higher levels of testosterone. The benefit is a strong fight against osteoporosis.

There are ways to help increase the level of testosterone. One of the ways is to do weight training. You should heavy lifting. Bench pressing and squatting is great for this. One of the vitamins that is beneficial is vitamin D supplements. Being outside on a sunny day will also help. Make sure you have great intake of Zinc.

There is a connection that was found that ties testosterone to criminal issues. There was testing conducted on a small number of inmates. They tested the level of testosterone in these inmates. The violent criminals have levels of testosterone higher then non-criminals. Most of the crimes that are connected with this is sex crimes. There is testosterone replacement therapy. One of the types is a skin patch. The placement on the body is on the arm. You can place the patch somewhere on the upper body. There is also a mouth patch that you put on the upper gum area of the mouth. The other therapy is the injection and or implants. With the injection process, the testosterone it injected directly into the muscle. The implants are pellets that can be implanted. There is a testosterone pill but has a possibility of causing liver problems. There are risks or side effects to consider when it comes to this form of therapy. You can have a rash or itching. There is a higher risk of a heart attack. Prostate cancer can be stimulated by this procedure along with sleep apnea.